# 250 Sacred Celebrations for the New Year: Interview with Elizabeth Barbour

# 250 Sacred Celebrations for the New Year: Interview with Elizabeth Barbour

Sacred celebrations and rituals create memorable moments with our family that we will remember all our life. In this episode we talk about the daily rituals in our life that ground us, and help us become more present to the life around us. We also discuss how to design rituals that helps us navigate through joyful and difficult transitions. A very important transition is how we leave the old year and welcome the new. Our guest today will help us bring these sacred celebrations into our family life in 2024.

Elizabeth Barbour, M.Ed. has spent 23+ years helping people integrate mind, body and spirit for wholeness. As an intuitive life and business coach, speaker and author, she is a creative force when to comes to releasing pain, healing wounds, transforming old stories into new beginnings, and celebrating the beauty and joy of life’s milestones.

Elizabeth guides women through a self-care and ritual process where grief and gratitude can live side by side. A firm believer of the power of community, she guides her clients to create connections, so they aren’t left to carry weight of their grief alone. As a Life Coach and Shamanic practitioner, she brings a unique blend of traditional coaching techniques and ancient wisdom to her practice. Elizabeth is the author of two books – Smart Self-Care for Busy Women and Sacred Celebrations, Designing Rituals to Navigate Life’s Milestone Transitions.

To learn more about Elizabeth go to elizabethbarbour.com

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FB: https://www.facebook.com/elizabethbarbour

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Sacred Celebrations book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CLTXRL56






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