#186 Sneaky Ways Anxiety Impacts Moms: Interview with Lynn Lyons

#186 Sneaky Ways Anxiety Impacts Moms: Interview with Lynn Lyons

Do you spend a significant time worrying about all things, especially your kids. Anxiety is sneaky and gets inside your head. It convinces you that you are being a good mom if you worry and that you are a bad mom if you don’t. It deceives you into thinking that worrying and obsessing is productive and will lead to problem solving.

The truth is anxiety is exhausting and is a huge reason we can feel all mothered out.

To talk about this I brought in a knowledgeable guest.

Lynn Lyons, LICSW has been psychotherapist for 25 years and specializes in treating anxious children and their parents, with a special interest in interrupting the generational pattern of worry in families.

Lynn has a podcast called, Flusterclux, where she helps parents understand how to manage anxiety. Katie Couric has also interviewed Lynn, and she has been featured in Psychology TodayThe New York Times, NPR and Reader’s Digest. 

Her new book, The Anxiety Audit offers an eye-opening look at the 7 sneaky ways that anxiety and worry weave their way into our families, our friendships, and our jobs, and provides actionable steps to reverse the cycle and reclaim our emotional well-being. 




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