#132 That’s So Embarrassing!

#132 That’s So Embarrassing!

Has your teen ever said, “I’m so embarrassed!”

In this episode we talk about teens and embarrassment

Has your teen ever been embarrassed to be seen with you? Doesn’t feel good. right? Most of the time teens are embarrassed to be seen with you around their peers when you haven’t done anything “embarrassment” worthy except exist. We also talk about the things you do around teens that will embarrass them.

In this episode we will talk about why teens are vulnerable to embarrassment and what is that really? We talk about how there is a continuum of reactions to embarrassment with teens and why that is. And why some teens are at more at risk for embarrassment and how that can lead to social anxiety.

We end the podcast by talking about the 6 things moms can do to help their teens move through embarrassment.


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