#063 How to Recover and Rebound Fast After Drama

#063 How to Recover and Rebound Fast After Drama

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In this time when you are quarantined with your teens, and dealing with the daily bad news of covid-19, stock market, and the economy, you can see an increase in drama in your homes. I want to give you some tools on how to recover and rebound fast after drama. I want to help you dial down the drama and stress because high levels of this is going to weaken your immune system and hurt family relationships.

What do you do after the big fight? Do you take intentional action to recover and rebound fast or do you do nothing. If nothing is done, what you can see over time, is that your teen shares less and less with you and spends more and more time in their room. How it impacts you is that you really don’t like your teen or spouse anymore and find you get angry, frustrated and hurt really quickly when you interact with them. What you can see is that everything becomes a battle, even the simplest of interactions.

In this episode I give you some practical tips to How to Recover, Restore and Rebound Fast after the Drama. This is Part One of a two part series. Today I focus on helping you recover by 1. Don’t ignore yourself, 2. Honor your feelings and, 3. Set boundaries and ask for help.

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