#057 What Moms Should and Should Not Tolerate

#057 What Moms Should and Should Not Tolerate

Angry parent with loud teenager with pink hair

In this episode you’ll explore what moms should and should not tolerate.

An important question to ask yourself at the start of a new year is, “What am I tolerating in my life?” Clue, if you are not enjoying your life and you feel drained and you cant remember the last time you had a really good day, there is a strong chance you are tolerating something you should not be tolerating.

What do I mean when I say tolerating? You are putting up with things in your life that you do not want. These things often annoy you, irritate you, weigh you down, and drain your energy . They can be things that you tolerate in yourself or surroundings, or in your relationship with friends, family or kids.

You don’t choose to live a life that you are just tolerating. It happens over time. The problem is when you have been tolerating something for a long time, you don’t even see it anymore. It becomes the new normal.

There are 4 situations that you should never tolerate from your teen, if you do it will be detrimental to your teen and to your heart and soul.

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