#050 How to Get A Sincere Apology From Your Teen

#050 How to Get A Sincere Apology From Your Teen

In my work I talk a lot about how to prevent and dial down the drama. A crucial part of this is how to repair the relationship after the conflict or the big blow up. And the good news is that you can repair the relationship. The first step is to give a sincere apology. And this can be challenging for teens.

Have you ever asked your teen for an apology and got, “SORRY” or “SORRY you think I’m an idiot.” or “SORRY that you are so sensitive.” This is an insincere apology and doesn’t make you feel any better. In fact it can make you feel worse.

In this episode I will talk about why there is so much resistance to saying “I’m sorry” and how to move past it. A sincere apology is important for two main reasons; to grow individually, and to repair the relationship. I will explore the different components of a strong apology. And then I will address the million-dollar question…How can you get a sincere apology from your teen.

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