#035 How to Raise Creative Teens

#035 How to Raise Creative Teens


How do you foster your child/teen’s creativity?

Expressing your creativity through art, dance, writing, film and music is an excellent way to develop the teenage brain. The brain is having a major growth spurt during the teenage years. It is a season where you use it or lose it, meaning that neurons that are not used wither away. Neurons that are used wire into the teenage brain. It is the easiest time to learn a new language or a piano concerto.

There are many challenges parent face when trying to encourage their teen’s creativity.
Teens don’t want to practice. They want to quit. There is too much competition. All of these situations can lead to arguing and conflict.

In this episode I share an interview by Jean Ireton on her online video series Breakthrough to Creativity on how to get past the drama and truly encourage your teens creativity.

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