#033 How to Handle the Big Breakup

#033 How to Handle the Big Breakup

Teens having fun on the beach.

You need to be prepared when your teen has their first big break up. Parents see the worst version of their teen after a breakup. This makes it hard for you to help your teen and console them. They are angry and shut down. They can lash out at you. They are edgy and negative. They lose their motivation. They don’t want to pick up their room, do their chores, or their homework.

Helping your son or daughter successfully work through a big break up is extremely important. They will end up either wounded or wiser; depending on how they process it. This is a season where your teen is very vulnerable. The big break up is an assault on your teen’s heart. It’s not just girls who have broken hearts I have seen plenty of teenage boys who have been deeply affected by a painful breakup. Often parents are more worried about their teen’s sexual activity than their hearts. We don’t want our teens to get pregnant or get an STD but we also don’t want them to have lasting trauma from a bad break up.

This episode looks at the 3 big reasons teen relationships will probably end badly. You’ll learn what “not to do” when your teen has a broken heart and what your teen really needs.

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