#033 What is a Successful Mom

#033 What is a Successful Mom

A young female car driver adjusts the rear view mirror with her hand.

Why is it that you can be a CEO of a company and feel on top of the world and yet a sassy teenager can bring you to your knees. Why is it that moms of middle school and high school teens rarely wake up and think, “Wow, I am a successful mom. I’m rocking it with these teens.”

What is a successful mom? The important question is who or what is answering the question. There is a cultural definition of a successful mom that looks a-lot like a perfect mom. These implicit messages from the culture inform our expectations of what a successful mom is. These unrealistic expectations and ideals lead to hyper vigilance, which leads to anxiety, and then leads to exhaustion. Both parents and teens are not benefiting from this definition.

It’s time to redefine a successful mom. You can dial down the pressure just by redefining the successful mom. Listen and find out how.

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