Energy is Power: How This Impacts Moms

Energy is Power: How This Impacts Moms

EnergyI open the flight magazine on the plane and these words leaped out at me.

Energy is Power.

What does this have to do with moms? Everything!

If you want to Power your Parenting you need energy. It takes a lot of energy to parent your daughter.

Here’s the dilemma.

The biggest complaint I hear from moms is “I’m exhausted,” “I’m tired,” “I don’t have any energy.”

And your daughter has lots of energy.

Hmmmm—You have no energy and your daughter has lots of energy—who has the power?

How does this impact your parenting?

If you don’t have energy …

It’s hard to stay on top of her. It takes energy to make sure she is prepared for her finals or she has done her chores.

It’s hard to protect her. It takes energy to make sure the parents are home when she wants to spend the night with her friend. It takes energy to monitor the internet or phone.

You will be in a fog. It’s hard to be clear when you have no energy. It takes clarity to know how to handle behavioral issues at home. What are the consequences to her sassing off to you or breaking curfew? Believe me your daughter is clear about what she wants to do. If you are not clear she will get her way.

You will react. It’s easy to lose it with your daughter when you don’t have energy. You threaten her. You raise your voice. You say things that shame her. When you lose self-control, you lose your power. ‘Losing it’ does not teach your daughter anything except how to ‘lose it.’ Reacting is not an instructive consequence.

You take it personal. When you have no energy your mother shield is down. Your daughter throws her little barbs at you and they go straight to the heart. This is where moms can be drama queens. You feel like a failure. You don’t feel appreciated. You feel like no one cares. You don’t matter.

You lose hope. You worry and make mountains out of teenage molehills. You start predicting doom and gloom from one failed test. You are sure she won’t make it in college. You feel like it’s over. You give up on her.

You miss all the good stuff. It takes energy to build a positive relationship with your daughter. Yesterday my daughter wanted to take a spontaneous road trip. I wanted to be quiet and get some things done around the house. I was dragging and almost missed it. Thank God I didn’t. This was a great opportunity to connect with my daughter. What a gift– my daughter wanted to have an adventure with me.

You don’t feel good. You need good energy to feel joy, love or gratitude.

You are not a bad mom if you lack energy. Actually it’s the opposite. You are a good mom who has poured out all your energy to your family.

You deserve an energy boost.

5 Ways to Get Your Energy Boost.

1. Take responsibility. It is your responsibility to get your energy back. When you are exhausted you want to blame others. Your daughter or husband can’t give you the energy boost.

2. Start with the basics. Get 8 hours of sleep. Eat healthy foods. Take some downtime. Take an afternoon off. Go to the gym or take a walk.

*****Sleeping 8 hours a night is one of the quickest ways of getting your energy back.

3. Spend time by yourself. Reconnect to YOU through solitude. Take a walk. Spend 30 minutes journaling. Make time for prayer and meditation.

4. Do something that really energizes you. What gets you jazzed up? Do you like listening to music? Do you like being near the water? Do you like to travel?

5. Connect with your loved ones. Do something with your friends without the kids. Take a long lunch with your friends. Get away with your husband. Plan something fun with your daughter.

Make plans this summer to get your energy boost.

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