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Waves of Blessing

I love the ocean. I enjoy the smell of the ocean, the song of the seagulls and the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Nothing feeds my soul like the ocean. Last week I took one last trip to the beach before school starts. I...

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#016 How to Reclaim Your “I Feel Good” Energy

Today's episode in my Dial Down the Drama series comes from the fifth chapter in my upcoming book that will be released this November 2015. It takes a lot of energy to protect, nurture, and guide your teenager. And this is only one facet of your...

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The Importance of Imperfect Progress

Every mom wants to see that her daughter is making progress. You hope to see your daughter moving forward and progressing in her academics, creativity, relationships, responsibility and maturity. This yearning is instinctual in moms and feels like it is written in our DNA. Because this feeling...

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