#159 The Importance of Staying Grounded:

#159 The Importance of Staying Grounded:

Staying grounded is one of the best ways to dial down the drama. However for most moms “staying grounded” is not on the top of your daily to do list. It probably is not on your list at all.

What do I mean by being grounded.? (You may call it centered or anchored)

It’s when you are deeply rooted in yourself, in your clarity, in your values, in your spirituality and faith. And when you are rooted you are not preoccupied, you are present to the world around you and yourself. Being grounded is like a strong oak tree with deep deep roots. Even when hurricane winds of drama start to blow the tree remains stable . It might lose some leaves or some twigs but it stands strong even in the worst of storms…even adolescent storms. Another metaphor for being grounded is being anchored. Again you stay steady even though there is turbulence all around you.

It’s very challenging for moms to stay grounded. And here’s why. Because everyone is pulling for our attention. In this podcast I will give you practical ways to stay grounded.

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