#136 Why Genes Impact Your Parenting

#136 Why Genes Impact Your Parenting

Why are your kids so different? Why is one kid so much harder to parent than their brothers or sisters?

If you have more than one child you know how different your children can be.

And so why is this?

To answer this I invited an expert on human and molecular genetics Dr. Danielle Dick. In her newest book, The Child Code, Understanding Your Child’s Unique Nature for Happier, More Effective Parenting she says, “Why is parenting so darn hard? It turns out there is a simple answer to that question. The reason that parenting is so challenging is that all of that well meaning advice from your parents and friends and pediatricians ignores one of the biggest factors that affects child development-genes.

Danielle gives us a powerful, science-driven parenting that helps your child grow into the best version of themself.

Danielle M. Dick, Ph.D., is the distinguished Commonwealth Professor of Psychology and Human and Molecular Genetics at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she directs a research institute on behavioral and emotional health. She is an internationally recognized and award-winning expert on genetic and environmental influences on human behavior.




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