#130 Get Past the Good Mom/Bad Mom Mindset

#130 Get Past the Good Mom/Bad Mom Mindset

This episode was inspired from talking to one of the moms that I coach. In our session she was talking about a difficult situation with her teen and was trying to figure out if she was a good mom or a bad mom.

Have you ever wondered if you were a good mom or bad mom?

Well most of us do. But it’s not helpful at all. Often this is an unconscious process where we obsessively go back and forth. We can even get defensive within ourself. We fear that we are not good moms. So our self talk sounds something like this.

I AM A GOOD MOM, it’s just I have a rebellious, obstinate teen.

If you are in the Good Mom/Bad Mom mindset you compare you and your teens to other moms and teens. Sometimes this makes you feel a little better and often it makes you feel worse. This is a total waste of your precious energy. I call this The Good Mom/ Bad Mom Phenomenon.

In this episode you will see how there is a better way, a new mindset for moms that is much better for you personally and for your parenting.


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