#106 Finding Signs of Growth

#106 Finding Signs of Growth

In this episode we are going to talk about where to see and discover signs of growth in ourselves and in our teens. Recognizing signs of growth is so important to a moms well being. Signs of growth motivate us to get back in the parenting game because it reinforces that what we do matters. But signs of growth are rarely like blockbuster movies, they are not flashy. It’s easy to miss them especially when it comes to our teens. Unfortunately one little negative word from our teen can set off a five alarm fire inside of us and blind us from seeing that there are still little buds of growth in our teens.

This year especially we need to look for little signs of growth or signs of life. A year of quarantine has made our world look barren and bleak and that takes a toll on our souls it takes a toll on our vibrancy and our energy. I talk to moms all over and what I know is that moms are drained and exhausted . Your mothering resources are depleted. You may find that you get frustrated easier, you have less tolerance for things, people get on your nerves, especially your kids or your partner.

Many of you will have some time off during spring break or around Easter. As we enter spring let nature remind you that there is hope and that change and growth are happening.

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