#070 Summer Tips for an Unusual Time

#070 Summer Tips for an Unusual Time

Summer is here! How do you feel? Are you excited, relieved, or more stressed?

The moms I have talked to feel let down because many of their plans have been cancelled. Recently I talked to a couple that looked forward to going to Hawaii every other year and they had to cancel their trip this summer. Many of us have had our fun summer plans cancelled and therefore mom, dad and kids are disappointed. Instead of moms feeling relief about the summer, we’re stressed and plagued with the question of what am I going to do with my bored teenagers? Bored teens at home cut into mom’s personal space and work time. Summer can feel like an extension of the school year except that teens have even less to do.

I know every mom has different restrictions from shelter at home to different phases of reopening. Despite what phase you are in none of us have forgotten about Covid 19. And many feel there is more pressure and uncertainty as our cities and states reopen. There are more questions like–now that restaurants are open is it okay to go? Is it okay for my teens to go? Do we try to take a vacation? Should we fly or drive? Is that safe? When your teen wants to go over and see her friends at a pool party, now there are even more things to consider about those decisions. So it’s not easy and all this uncertainty just adds stress.

This is why in this episode I give you Summer Tips for an Unusual Time for you and your teens. This will give you a way to think about this summer and how to make the most of it.

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