#030 Are You a Worried Mom or a Reflective Mom

#030 Are You a Worried Mom or a Reflective Mom

Every mom worries. You can’t eliminate worry. Parenting a teen gives you endless things to worry about. Worry can be useful if it leads to effective action. But too often worry is just wasted energy. It doesn’t lead to solutions it just leads to more worry and before you know it the worry grows exponentially like a wildfire.

You don’t want worry dominating your life and your parenting. Don’t let worry control you; you can control the worry.

A worried mom lives in a state of worry where her actions and responses are continually fueled by worry. Constant worry is not healthy for you and actually is a hindrance to your parenting. Constant worry negatively impacts your relationship with your teen.

We want to replace the worry energy with reflective energy. All moms worry in some ways. We are biologically hard-wired to worry, but not all moms are reflective.

Reflection is incredibly important to your parenting. Reflection is essential for you to be a happy, thriving, “I love my life” mom. Worry leads to a drained, anxious, and resentful mom.

In this episode I am going to contrast worry with reflection and show you why worry is a hindrance to parenting and why reflection is the key to enjoying the teenage years. Reflection is foundational for conscious and intentional parenting.

If you are tired of living in a state of worry, learn how reflection can actually set you free
from the burden of worry and set you on a course to create the life you want.

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