#003: What Moms Need to Know

#003: What Moms Need to Know

In this show I talk about the number one reason moms don’t enjoy their life and their teens. Believe me there are lots of reasons miStock_000002839407XSmalloms don’t enjoy the teenage years, but I believe the core reason for this is what I call Powerless Parenting Messages.

These messages are embedded in our culture. You are not going to learn about them in a parenting class. This is why they are so dangerous. You are not really aware of them. They are just below the surface of our consciousness. But I can tell you after having been a therapist for 25 years and working with moms in my Power Your Parenting Program, these messages take the joy and energy out of your life and out of your parenting. There are many of them but today I am going to focus on one.

The #1 powerless parenting message is “It’s selfish to pay attention to me.” which translates into paying attention to everyone’s needs but you. You’ll see how this message is not only detrimental to you but to everyone in your family. This can be turned around with a Powerful Parenting Message, “It’s crucial to pay attention to me.” You’ll see how paying attention to YOU really benefits everyone in your family. You know how that saying goes, If momma’s not happy…”

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