#001: Introduction / What to Expect

#001: Introduction / What to Expect


Welcome to the very first Power Your Parenting Moms with Teens Podcast. I am so happy that you are here listening to my very first show. This is a gathering place for moms to be encouraged, nurtured and inspired. Also, you’ll learn the latest in teen research and trends. and get practical parenting tips. You really can improve your relationship with your teen, and enjoy the teenage years.

Todays show is going to be a little different than a typical show. I’m going to give you a quick introduction of who I am and why I created Power Your Parenting. You’ll hear what Moms with Teens Podcast is about and why I’m really hosting this show. I’ll tell you how the show is structured. You’ll hear how this will benefit you and why you’ll want to listen to this podcast in the future. I know you are super busy moms I want to make this worth your time. I will do my best to provide you some awesome content on this podcast, that you can apply right away.

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