Waves of Blessings

Waves of Blessings

I was in Miami Beach and I had just finished two amazing days with my Platinum Coaching Group and my heart was full.

I stood in the clear blue-green water of the Atlantic Ocean and watched wave after wave roll towards me, and then crash and disappear in the sand behind me.

Then it came to me.

Waves of Blessings!

Wave after wave after wave of blessing comes to you each day.

This is absolutely true, though sometimes it’s hard to see.

Here are a couple of reasons why you might miss seeing the waves of blessings.

1. You focus your awareness on the hard (crappy) things of life.

You’re not being realistic. Terrible and hard things happen every day.”

I know that. I’m a therapist and hard things have happened to me.

See, I don’t worry about you missing the terrible and hard things, but you can miss the blessings.

Hard and terrible things have a way of trumping your ability to see the blessing.

But the blessings are there.

2. Another reason we miss the blessings is we are looking backwards searching for a wave of blessing that has already passed and dissipated into the sand.

This is a tough one. Loss is really hard. We can’t escape it. Life shifts and changes. Relationships change. Relationships end. Seasons pass.

Here is a simple example.

My first office I leased for private practice was in a great location and had cheap rent. However it would be generous to call it a humble office. It made a college apartment look awesome. The rumors started flying that they were going to tear down the building. This went on for a couple of years. Many tenants left right away and upgraded to nice offices. Yet I rode the I’m holding on to the end wave not wanting to give up my office. And they did tear down the office building.

But here comes another wave of blessing.

I found my new office at the right time and was able to customize it just the way I wanted. I love my office. Though my rent went up, my business increased because my clients think my office is awesome too. It’s in a great location. It has a wonderful ambiance and three years later I still enjoy it.

Sometimes you need to let things go, (Like my old office) because the wave has passed.

It is important to grieve losses and changes in your life. It is a real and needed thing.

But what if you really knew, I mean down to your toes knew that a wave of blessing is coming and will keep coming towards you.

It would make a world of difference to you.

See God can’t help it. God is good and will keep sending you waves of blessings.

The big question is will you shift your focus to see the waves of blessings in your every day life?

Every day we live on this planet is a blessing. To love is a blessing. Our friends, kids, dogs and cats are blessing. A good cup of coffee is a blessing. The hummingbird I saw this morning is a blessing. Even our difficulties and disappointments are sometimes waves of blessing in disguise.

Do not lose heart.  There is a wave and another wave and another wave of blessing coming.

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